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Placement Training Activities
In House Training
Competitive Programming Skills is an add-on course extended to the students in their second, third and final year as part of their regular academic curriculum. This course focusses on imparting coding skills which is an important criterion that IT companies look out for. Students are also groomed on their soft skills right from the beginning. Career Development Centre provides career advancement / personality development courses. At ARMIST we provide wide range of opportunities to participate in many technical contests and other skill building activities throughout the course of study for students to build their technical and soft skills.
Every year, just before the commencement of placement season, an extensive in-house training program is extended. The objective is to refresh all the core concepts and technologies which the student has learnt over the three years and get them ready for the hiring process. In house staff from respective departments and Career Development Centre are engaged in providing refresher classes on core subjects, aptitude test practices, GD sessions and mock interviews.
Recent Activities
Placement Cycle (2021-2022)
Technical TrainingStart Date :- 07-July-2021
End Date :– 17-July-2021
Mock Drives
(Coding Test / GD / Interview)
Start Date :- 15-July-2021
End Date :– 17-July-2021
Experience Sharing from Alumni
“Success Stories” is an event series organized by VDP Campus Placement team to help the final year students connect with their immediate seniors who were placed through the Campus. The objective is to provide the preparation tips to the juniors on handling the placement process.
Through live chat with alumni members who grabbed campus placement offers, real life inspirational stories of success are revealed. These programs help the students to understand the expectations of different recruiters clearly and certainly instills the confidence in them on facing the hiring challenges.
Tips and Tricks for Campus Placement

Date :- 10th July 2021
Alumni :- Mr Surya Kiran from Valuelabs
CSE – 2021 Batch

Date:- 13th August 2021
Alumni :- Mr Lakshmi Narashiman S and Mr Muralidharan S from Amazon
Mech – 2021 Batch
Date :- 23rd August 2021
Alumni :- Ms R Sowmya and Mr Pramit Karmakar from Infosys
CSE – 2021 Batch
Date :- 02nd October 2021
Alumni :- Mr Snehit Sharma and Mr Sajjith Ahmed M from from TATA Consultancy Services
CSE – 2021 BATCH