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About the Department
The Career Development Centre at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) understands the pulse of the corporate world and is helping the students to prepare for their career. Besides, the Career Development Centre consists of leading members who are dedicated to providing guidance to the students on creating a clear career plan, setting realistic career goals and a planned timetable on professional development for their future. Exclusive training programs in soft skills, aptitude and online tests are given to the students to make them assess skills in broader areas. The department ensures to provide an optimum opportunity for all the students to fetch the most suited placements for them.

To transform young minds into socially responsible individuals who can inspire, innovate and overcome challenges in the global environment.


Create opportunities for students to explore and demonstrate their potential. Adopt innovative practices to enhance the learners’ professional competencies. Empower students to surpass challenges and emerge as global thought leaders.

Courses Offered

An all comprehensive programme - Soft Skills aims at enhancing the personality of the students’ right from the first semester.

  • Lays strong foundation for students' self development.
  • Develops the right attitude towards their personal, social and professional life.
  • Enables students to strengthen their interpersonal skills and work effectively in and as a team.
  • Empowers them in decision making and conflict resolutions with a win - win attitude.
  • Prepares students to meet the requirements of the corporate world by imparting employability skill trainings.

Ability to apply basic concepts of mathematics coupled with analytical reasoning to solve problems.

  • Sharpens the general mental ability and the basic numeracy.
  • Develops logical reasoning and analytical ability.
  • Equips with techniques and tricks to perform an accurate data interpretation.

Ability to understand and reason out texts using concepts.

  • Develops constructive thinking skills underlying verbal reasoning.
  •  Enriches vocabulary building.
  •  Equips speed reading comprehension and critical reasoning abilities.
  •  Strengthens grammar and improves linguistic proficiency
Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s)
  • Acquire interpersonal skills and be an effective goal oriented team player
  • Develop professionalism with idealistic, practical and moral values.
  • Acquire communication, employability and problem solving skills.
  • Re-engineer the student’s attitude and understand its influence on behavior.
Empower SRM
The learning management system (LMS) of Career Development Centre was developed with the thought to empower the students for varied demands of their career. It is a comprehensive platform that combines the ideas of students and knowledge of the trainers to facilitate learning beyond classroom and connect them to the real life instances. With knowledge and learning just a click away, rest is all bright and clear in the way forward..

The students can access their online courses here :-

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO's)
  • Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
  • Master fundamental grammatical rules for making effective and flawless use of the language.
  • An understanding of ethical responsibility.
  • Acquire inter personal skills and be an effective goal oriented team player.
  • Develop professionalism with idealistic, practical and moral values.
  • Build a strong base in the fundamental mathematical concepts.
  • Grasp the approaches and strategies to solve problems with speed and accuracy.
  • An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
  • An ability to apply knowledge of Mathematics, Science, and Engineering.