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About the Department
As the world comes to India and Indians make an impact in countries abroad, many technology professionals find that the knowledge of foreign languages gives them a definite edge over their technical counterparts. The Department of Foreign Languages has designed courses in French, Japanese and German to meet global needs and turn these foreign languages into an asset for those who intend to join multinational companies and look for opportunities abroad.
The Department of English and other Foreign Languages was established in 2009. The department has well qualified and vibrant faculty members. We offer courses to students of all three branches. The Department prides itself in enhancing students’ communication skills which will prepare them to contribute in developing individual critical, analytical, and creative thinking. The Department has a High-tech Computer Assisted Language Laboratory (CALL) with the audio-visual equipment to aid in imparting language skills. The Department of English and Foreign Languages offers value education to develop the students’ ability to think critically, understand and appreciate diversity, adhere to ethical values, and communicate effectively in a global environment.
Programs Offered

French, deemed as a global language, is widely used in Europe and Canada. The course also enhances the scope of engineering students finding placement in companies with French collaborations in India. Students are also trained for the Level-I exam in French conducted by the French cultural centre, Alliance Française, Nungambakkam, Chennai, which is internationally recognized.

Numerous German companies are emerging in India. The increased cooperation between the two countries have opened job opportunities in Germany as well. Learning German helps students to get preference over others in getting employment in such companies and in seeking employment abroad.

Engineering students benefit greatly in receiving instruction in the three Japanese scripts, namely Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. As more and more Japanese clients seek software solutions from India, knowing the language is a definite advantage for fresh engineers who intend to join software companies.