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Dr. C. V. Jayakumar

M.E., Ph.D., FIE.

Dean – FET

Dean's Message

Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit the website of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Vadapalani campus.

The goal of education is the updation of advancement & thorough knowledge and the dissemination of knowledge to serve the society & the world. Technology plays a vital role in the progress & development of a nation. Technological education is the means by which complex modern technologies can be acquired and ideally utilised to meet the needs of modern life. It provides opportunities for innovative & creative ideas that attribute to the building of an advanced civilized society.

As the Dean FET of SRM IST, strengthening our programmes through our faculty and students while serving the developing world is our priority. Our Mission is to be an Institution of distinction that is committed to the development of human capacities by disseminating knowledge on the core mission of “Move Up”, “Accomplish a Process” and “Attract and Build People”.

With our far-reaching approach, research- oriented and relevance-based practices, SRM Vadapalani is an institution dedicated to building an environment that fosters intellectual freedom.

The Institute provides outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Education. The Institute was established in 2009 and has grown impressively in numbers and in quality. The size of faculty members has also grown in numbers and as research leaders in the region. We pride ourselves with the diverse programmes that we offer which are country targeted and internationally relevant. The community outreach programmes actively engage local communities and schools. I invite you to join hands with us in all our educational and research endeavours and progress towards a better society.

Department Of
Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science is a rapidly evolving discipline today and at SRM, we go to great lengths to ensure that our faculty and students can devote themselves to take maximal advantage of modern computer science and engineering….
Department Of
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is a swiftly advancing field, with new ideas emerging every other second. From mobile phones to fiber optics and remote sensing, there are exciting avenues to explore and create.
Department Of
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers require a solid understanding of key concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, energy and manufacturing. They use these principles in the design and analysis of automobiles, aircraft….
Department Of
Career Development Centre
The Career Development Centre at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) understands the pulse of the corporate world and is helping the students to prepare for their careers.
Department Of
The Department of Chemistry was started in 2009. We have highly qualified, dedicated faculty members. We offer courses for first year B. Tech Students of all branches.
Department Of
English & Foreign Languages
As the world comes to India and Indians make an impact in countries abroad, many technology professionals find that the knowledge of foreign languages…
Department Of
The charm of numerals and equations holds the limelight here at SRM’s Mathematics Department. The department caters to engineering students of B.Tech., M.Tech., MBA and Ph.D.
Department Of
Acceleration has gripped the world of physics in the international arena and research studies in this field have broken more barriers than just sound. Physics is linked with the future progress of humankind and the next generation…

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

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