Dr. D Vaishali

Assistant Professor (Sr.G)Google Scholar Link


  • Ph.D (Digital Image Processing)., SRM Institute of Science and Technology, 2018
  • M.E (Digital Image Processing)., Pune University, Maharashtra, 2002
  • B.E (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering)., Pune University, Maharashtra, 1994
  • Grad. I.E.T.E.


Digital Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Linear Integrated Circuits. Electronic Devices and Circuits.

Research Interests

Bio medical Image Processing, Statistical Modeling, Multi resolution Analysis


Journal Publications

  • G. Annapoorni, Dr.D.Vaishali, “ Non-Invasive Breast Cancer Detection Using Electrical Imedance Tomography: Design, Analysis and Comparison of Reconstruction Algorithms” , Traitement du Signal,, SCI,SCOPUS, V Dec2023,,Vol. 40, No. 6, PP. 2809-2817.
  • G. Dheepak, Dr. Anita Christaline ,Dr. D. Vaishali, “. MEHW-SVM multi-kernel approach for improved brain tumour classification “,IET Image Processing, Wiley Online ISSN:1751-9667 Print ISSN:1751-9659, SCI,SCOPUS, Dec 12th 2023 DOI: 10.1049/ipr2.12990.
  • D.Vaishali, P.Vamashi Krishna, Md. Farhan Iquabal, “Abnormalities Detection in CT Scan Lung Images Using GLCM”, International Journal of Applied Mathematics, (IJPAM), Vol.119, No.15, 967-975,2018.
  • D. Vaishali, R. Ramesh, C. Gomathy, and J Anita Christaline, “Histopathology Image Analysis and Classification Using ARMA Models: Application to Brain Cancer Detection”, Current Medical Imaging Review (CMIR), SCIE,SCOPUS, 13(3): 355 – 361,2017,DOI:10.2174/1573405613666170427153750
  • D. Vaishali, R. Ramesh, C. Gomathy, J Anita Christaline, “Texture Analysis Using Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Autoregressive Model: Application to Brain Cancer Histopathology”, Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics,(JMIHI), SCIE,SCOPUS, due for publication, Vol. 7, 1–8,2017, doi:10.1166/jmihi.2017.2255D.
  • D.Vaishali, Ramesh. R., Anita Christaline. J, “Performance Evaluation of Cancer Diagnostics Using Autoregressive Features with SVM Classifier: Applications to Brain Cancer Histopathology”, International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (IJMUE), SCOPUS, Vol.11, No.6, pp.241-254, 2017. http://dx.doi.org/10.14257/ijmue.2016.11.6.21
  • D. Vaishali, Ramesh. R., Anita Christaline. J, “Quarter Plane ARMA model for Analysis and Classification of Histopathology images: Application cancer detection”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, (INDJST), SCOPUS, Vol.9, No. 22, 95 -99.2016.
  • D.Vaishali, Dr.R.Ramesh, J Anita Christaline, “Autoregressive modeling: Application to mitosis detection in brain cancer histopathology”, International journal of Biomedical Engineering & technology, (IJBET),SCOPUS, InderScience, Volume .20,No. 2, Pp.179-194,2016.
  • J Anita Christaline , Dr.R.Ramesh, Dr.C.Gomathy, D.Vaishali, “Bio inspired optimization for universal spatial image steganalysis”,Elsevier, Journal of Computational Science 21 ,182–188,2017.
  • J Anita Christaline, Dr.R.Ramesh, Dr.C.Gomathy, D.Vaishali, “Nature inspired metaheuristics for improved JPEG steganalysis”, Multimed Tools Appl. ,2017,DOI 10.1007/s11042-017-4983-4
  • J Anita Christaline, D.Vaishali, Dr.R.Ramesh, “Optimized JPEG Steganalysis”, International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering, SERSC, Vol.11, No.1 , pp.385-396,2016.
  • J Anita Christaline, D.Vaishali, Dr.R.Ramesh, “CRITICAL REVIEW OF IMAGE STEGANALYSIS
    TECHNIQUES”, International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms (IJAIP), Inder Science
    Publishers, Vol. 7, No. 3/4, 2015.
  • D. Vaishali , S. Joselyn Steffy, ” Target Localization Based On RSSI using wireless sensor network”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER), International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, ISSN 0973-4562 Vol. 10 No.26 ,2015.
  • D.Vaishali, Dr.R.Ramesh, J Anita Christaline, “Histopathology Image Analysis and Classification for Cancer Detection using 2D Autoregressive Model”, IRECOS. Vol. 10. No2., Pp. 182-188,2015
  • J Anita Christaline, D.Vaishali, Dr.R.Ramesh, “Steganalysis with Classifier Combinations”, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Pg. 2858 – 2863. Vol. 9. No.12, 2014.
  • D.Vaishali, Dr.R.Ramesh, J Anita Christaline, “2D Causal ARMA Model for Texture Analysis, Synthesis and Classification”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. Pg. 16317 – 16328. Vol. 9,No.22, 2014.
  • Anita Christaline. J., Ramesh. R., Vaishali. D., “Parametric Evaluation of Images for Classification in view of Steganalysis”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 3 Issue2, ISSN: 2278-0181, 2014.

Conference Presentation / Publication

  • G. Dheepak, Dr.D.Vaishali, “A Comprehensive Overview of Machine Learning Algorithms and their Applications”, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Enabled 5G Wireless Networks: Recent Advances and Challenges, 15.12.2021 & 16.12.2021.
  • G. Dheepak,Dr. Anita Christaline,Dr. D. Vaishali, “ Optimizing Brain Tumor Classification: A Fusion Approach of PCA, SVM and Image Based Features”,(Scopus Indexed, IEEE Xplore),2023 Global Conference on Information Technologies and Communication (GCITC)02.12.2013
  • G. Dheepak, Dr. D. Vaishali,, ”Introducing ELBP: A Novel Approach for Feature Extraction and Stacking with GLCM in Advanced MRI Brain Tumor Classification Using an Ensemble Classifier”, (Scopus Indexed, IEEE Xplore), International Conference on Augmented Intelligence and Sustainable System (ICAISS 2023),25.08.2023, http:// ieeexplore.ieeee.org/document/10250508
  • G.Dheepak, Dr. D. Vaishali, “Feature Extraction for MRI Images using Gray level Co-Occurance matrix”, International Conference on Innovative Trends in Engineering & Technology ,28.07.2022.
  • G.Dheepak. Dr. D. Vaishali,, “Political Aquila Optimizer-based Deep Maxout Network for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection,” International conference on Contemporary Challenges in Management, Education, Engineering & Allied Sciences, 30.07.2022
  • G.Dheepak, Dr. D. Vaishali, “Applications of Machine Learning- A Mini Review”,Second International Conference on Research in Electronics Engineering and Communication Techniques (ICREACT’22), 02.05.2022 & 03.05.2022
  • G.Dheepak, Dr. D. Vaishali, “ Machine Learning Applications-Summarization”, International E-conference on Innovation and Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Management,24.06.2022 & 25.06.2022.
  • G.Dheepak, Dr. D. Vaishali,” A Comprehensive Survey on Classifiers in Machine Learning”,
    International Conference on Management, Engineering, Science and Humanities (MESH-2022), 19.01.2022
  • G. Dheepak, Dr. D. Vaishali, “A Comprehensive Overview of Machine Learning Algorithms and their Applications”, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Enabled 5G Wireless Networks: Recent Advances and Challenges 15.12.2021 & 16.12.2021.
  • D.Vaishali, Dr.R.Ramesh, J Anita Christaline,’Quarter Plane ARMA Model for Histopathology Image Analysis and Classification: Application to Brain cancer detection’, International Conference, Global Congress on Computing & Media technology, (GCMT 15), Chennai, India.
  • D.Vaishali, Dr.R.Ramesh, J Anita Christaline, ‘2D Autoregressive Model for Texture analysis And Synthesis’ IEEE Conference ICCSP 2015. ( https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/6950027 )
  • J Anita Christaline, D.Vaishali ,”Image steganographic techniques with improved embedding capacity and robustness” : Recent Trends in Information Technology (ICRTIT), 2011 International Conference, Issue Date: 3-5 June 2011 , On page(s): 97 – 101, ISBN: 978-1-4577-0588-5, Digital Object Identifier:10.1109/ICRTIT.2011.5972288 ( https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/5972288 )
  • D.Vaishali, Anita Christaline. J. (2012), “Machine Learning Classifiers and data Fusion Schemes for Pattern Recognition”, Research Day, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai. Feb.2012.
  • Vaishali, P.Mukherjee, ‘Feature extraction of Devnagari characters using sub bands of Binary Wavelet Transform’, Proceedings of RETIS 2006,pp. 176-179,Kolkata,India July 2006.
  • Vaishali, P.Mukherjee, ‘Applications of Wavelet Transform’, Proceedings of IEEE International Conference (IMAE05), Jan 2005.Pune, Maharashtra India
  • Vaishali, Dr. M.S.Sutaone, ‘Multi Resolution Statistical model for Texture Analysis’, Raman Memorial Conference, Sept.2003 , Pune ,Maharashtra, India.

Patents Filed / Published

  • Non Invasive IN-VIVO measurement system and methods of glucose concentration. 202141001484 /E-2/102/2022/CHE – Filed (13/1/21). Yet to publish

  • Foot ulcer detection using deep learning technics. 202041053689: Published: 18/12/2020

Books Published


Workshops / Seminars / FDPs / STTP (Conducted/ Attended)

  • AICTE sponsored : Deep learning based Image & Video Processing using Python
  • AICTE TEQIP: Algorithms and Techniques for Signal Processing
  • AICTE sponsored STTP : Advances in Biomedical Signal Processing

Resource Person / Chaired Sessions Conferences / Invited Talks

  • AICTE STTP – MKSSS Cummins College of Engineering, Pune
  • AICTE TEQIP, Technical Education Quality Improvement Program on Signal Processing for Atma
    Nirbhar Bharat, Government of India.

Online Courses Completed

NPTEL, Course Era , Edex


Academic Experience

  • Assistant Professor, ECE, S.R.M University, Vadapalani, Chennai. (2010- till date)
  • Assistant Professor (ECE), S.R.R Engineering College Chennai. Affiliated to Anna University. (2008-2009)
  • Assistant Professor (E & TC), SKN Engineering College, (Sinhgad Technical Education Society), Pune. Affiliated to Pune University. (Dec2001-2008)
  • Lecturer (E & TC), Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. Affiliated to Pune University.  (July2001-Dec2001)
  • Lecturer (E & TC), Government Polytechnic, Pune. (1994-May2001)

Other Professional Experience


Achievements and Awards

  • Reviewer for reputed international journals (SCI, Scopus)
  • Worked as a Brand Ambassador for International Bentham Publications
  • Resource Person for AICTE-STTP, TEQIP
  • Executive Member of IETE, Chennai Centre
  • Panelist, Session Chair for International conferences, workshops
  • Awarded Gold Medal at ‘SRM Research Day 2016’ for Paper Presentation.


  • Associate Member of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (A.M.I.E.T.E), New Delhi.
  • Life time member of ISTE.
  • Member of IET.
  • Membership of ISCA.

Other Details