Dr. T. Anusha

Assistant Professor (Sr.G)Google Scholar Link


  • Ph.D (Wireless Mesh Networks)
  • M.E (CSE)., Meenakshi College of Engineering, Anna University, Chennai
  • B.E (ECE)., Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai Kamarajar University, Madurai

Other Details


  • Data Mining
  • Application Programming Practice
  • Data Visualization for Managers
  • Computer Communications

Research Interests

  • Communication Protocols
  • Computing

Selected Publications

  • T.Anusha and M.Pushpalatha, “C3P-RPL: Collaborative and proactive approach for optimal peer to peer path selection and sustenance. Peer-to-Peer Netw. Appl., 16(2), pp. 914-931, Mar. 2023. (IF3.488) https://doi.org/10.1007/s12083-023-01447-3

  • Anusha, T.; Pushpalatha, M. Efficient Communication Model for a Smart Parking System with
    Multiple Data Consumers. Smart Cities 2022, 5, 1536-1553. (CiteScore: 5.5)

  • M. Pushpalatha, T. Anusha, T. Rama Rao, Revathi Venkataraman, “L-RPL: RPL powered by
    Laplacian energy for stable path selection during link failures in an Internet of Things network”. In Computer Networks, Elsevier, Vol. 184, Jan. 2021. (I.F 4.474). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.comnet.2020.107697

  • T.Anusha, M.Pushpalatha, “Enhancements in Communication Protocols That Powered IoRT”,
    Chapter 8, (Eds) R. Anandan, Suseendran Gopalakrishnan, S. Balamurugan, Ashish Mishra, D.
    Balaganesh, Human-Technology Communication: Internet-of-Robotic-Things and Ubiq- uitous
    Computing. Wiley-Scrivener; 1st edition, Oct. 2021. ISBN: 1119750598, 9781119750598.

Work in Progress

  • Enhancing downward routing in RPL.

Other Professional Experience

  • 10 years of IT industry experience in various roles like team member, team lead, tech lead, project lead.

Workshops / Seminars / Conferences

  • T.Anusha and M.Pushpalatha, “Designing and fine tuning a Fire Safety Monitoring System for Smart
    Buildings using RPL protocol”. In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Advanced Scientific Innovation in Science, Engineering and Technology, ICAS- ISET 2020, 16-17 May 2020. URI: https://eudl.eu/doi/10.4108/eai.16-5-2020.2303946

Achievements and Awards

  • Best paper award for the paper titled “Efficient distributed reprogramming protocol for WSNs with liner encoding”, presented in NCSCM’14, Anna University, Coimbatore. 2014.
  • Best paper award for the paper titled “Compression of electrocardiogram signals using wavelets”, presented in All India Technical Symposium, REC, Trichy. 1998.