Dr. S. Prasanna Devi

Professor & HOD


  • Post Doctoral Research
  • Ph.D. Information & Communication Engineering
  • M.E. Systems Engineering & Operations Research
  • B.E. Computer Science & Engineering

Other Details


  • Artificial Intelligence,
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Neuro Fuzzy & Genetic algorithms
  • Computer system architecture.

Research Interests

  •  AI
  • Game Theory
  • Optimization algorithms

Selected Publications

  • Srinivasan, R., Manivannan, S., Prasanna Devi, S., Nallusamy, S., Ethiraj, N., Predictive analysis of time to failure for sustainable development in an automobile component manufacturing industry,Journal of Green engineering , 2021, 11(2), pp. 1088–1105 (SNIP: 2.056 )
  • Arya, M.S., S.Prasanna Devi, Prediction to Service Delivery: AI in Action, Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies, 2021, 60, pp. 107–114
    S. Tharani Kumar , S. Prasanna Devi , Chandrasekaran Krithika , R. N. Raghavan , Postoperative Healing after Surgical Removal of Mandibular Third Molar: A Comparative Study between Two Proteolytic Enzymes, Journal of Pharmacy and BioAllied Sciences, DOI: 10.4103/jpbs.JPBS_87_20, 2020, (SNIP: 0.846)
  • S.Srinivasan, S.Prasanna Devi, S.Manivannan, Warranty Cost Estimation using K-Means Cluster Analysis for Automobile Industry: Technical Note, International Journal of Vehicle Structures and Systems, Vol 11, I 1, B 36-E 38, 2019, (SNIP0.420)
  • S.Prasanna Devi, G Chamundeeswari, S.Tharani Kumar, Offline mobile app for veterinary professional, Indian Veterinary Journal, Vol 96, I 5, B 85-E 88, 2019, (SNIP0.141)
    S.Srinivasan, S.Prasanna Devi, S.Manivannan, Fradulent claims detection in automobile industry using predictive data analytics, International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Vol 9, I 11, B 1447-E 1452, 2018, (SNIP0.119)
  • SenthilVadivu, S.Prasanna Devi, S.,VinuKiran, S.,Manivannan, S., Modelling a predictive analytics methodology for forecasting rice variety and quality on yield on farm and farming attributes using bigdata, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics ,116 (5SpecilaIssue) ,pp.61, 2017, (SNIP: 0.555)
  • Senthilvadivu, S.,VinuKiran, S.Prasanna Devi, S.,Manivannan, S., Big Data Analysis on Geographical Segmentations and Resource Constrained Scheduling of Production of Agricultural Commodities for Better Yield, Procedia Computer Science 87 ,pp.80, 2016, (SNIP: 0.825)
    Kasturi, E., S.Prasanna Devi, S.,VinuKiran, S.,Manivannan, S., Airline Route Profitability Analysis and Optimization Using BIG DATA Analyticson Aviation Data Sets under Heuristic Techniques
    Procedia Computer Science 87 ,pp.86, 2016, (SNIP: 0.825)
  • M. Gunaselvi., S.Prasanna Devi, K.,SuryaprakasaRao, A Bi-level clustering analysis for studying about the sources of vehicular pollution in Chennai, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 324 ,pp.229, 2015, (SNIP :0.429)
  • M.Gunaselvi,.S.Prasanna Devi,.K.Suryaprakasa Rao., Evaluation of policies to reduce transportation pollution using system dynamics, Environment Protection Engineering 40 (4) ,pp.143, 2015, (SNIP: 0.538)
  • Krishnakumar, S.Prasanna Devi ,Rao, K.S.P., A business dynamics model in entrepreneurial orientation for employees, Industrial and Commercial Training 45 (1) ,pp.36, 2013, (SNIP: 0.526)
  • S.Prasanna Devi, Manivannan, S.,Rao, K.S., Comparison of nongradient methods with hybrid Taguchi-based epsilon constraint method for multiobjective optimization of cylindrical fin heat sink, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 63 (9-12) ,pp.1081, 2012, (SNIP:1.879)
  • Manivannan, S.,Arumugam, R., S.Prasanna Devi, ,Sudharsan, N.M.,Paramasivam, S., An experimental investigation and optimisation of flat plate heat sink, International Journal of Power Electronics 4 (4) ,pp.340, 2012, (SNIP: 0.454)
  • Sara, G.S., S.Prasanna Devi.,Sridharan, D., A genetic-algorithm-based optimized clustering for energy-efficient routing in MWSN, ETRI Journal 34 (6) ,pp.922, 2012, (SNIP: 1.458)
  • S.Prasanna Devi.,Kumar, S.S.,Rao, K.S., Evaluation of kidney transplantation programmes using system simulation, Journal of Medical Systems 36 (3),pp.1117, 2012, (SNIP: 1.66)
  • S.Prasanna Devi, Rao, K.S.,Sangeetha, S.S., Prediction of surgery times and scheduling of operation theaters in optholmology department, Journal of Medical Systems 36 (2),pp.415, 2012, (SNIP: 1.66)
  • Elaveyini, U., S.Prasanna Devi, Rao, K.S., Neural networks prediction of preterm delivery with first trimester bleeding, Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 283 (5) ,pp.971, 2011, (SNIP: 1.66)
  • Manivannan, S., S.Prasanna Devi.,Arumugam, R.,Sudharsan, N.M., Multi-objective optimization of flat plate heat sink using Taguchi-based Grey relational analysis, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 52 (5-8) ,pp.739, 2011, (SNIP: 1.879)
  • S.Prasanna Devi, S.,SuryaprakasaRao, K.,Krishnaswamy, S.,Wang, S., System dynamics model for simulation of the dynamics of corneal transplants, OPSEARCH 47 (4) ,pp.284, 2010, (SNIP: 0.456)
  • Manivannan, S.,Arumugam, R.,Sudharsan, N.M.,Prasanna Devi, S., Taguchi based linear regression modeling of flat plate heat sink, Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences 5 (1) ,pp.36, 2010, (SNIP:0.329)

Papers Presented

• H. K. V. S. Raghav, S. Prasanna Devi, N. Rengaraj and E. Thanranikumar, “Prediction of Preterm Pregnancies using Soft Computing techniques Neural Networks and Gradient Descent Optimizer,” 2018 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics (ICCCI), Coimbatore, 2018, pp. 1-4.
• S. Prasanna Devi, Y. Narahari, Nukala Viswanadham, S. Vinu Kiran, S. Manivannan:
E-mandi implementation based on gale-shapely algorithm for perishable goods supply chain. CASE 2015, Sweden, PP: 1421-1426.
• Manivannan, S., S.Prasanna Devi.,Arumugam, R. , Optimization of flat plate heat sink using genetic algorithm, 1st International Conference on Electrical Energy Systems, ICEES 2011, Chennai, India ,pp.78, 2011
• Prasanna Devi, S.,Gunjan, G.,Kumari, E.,Manivannan, S., Multi-objective optimization of cylindrical fin heat sink using Taguchi based ε-constraint method, IET Conference Publications 2011 (583 CP), Chennai, India ,pp.678, 2011
• Manivannan, S.,Arumugam, R.,S.Prasanna Devi, S.,Paramasivam, S.,Salil, P.,Subbarao, B., Optimization of heat sink EMI using design of experiments with numerical computational investigation and experimental validation, IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Fort Lauderdale, USA,pp.295, 2010.

Copyright Registered

  • S.Prasanna Devi & M.Parthiv Kriti, Teaching scientific literacy for kids in an experimental way, Diary No: 20944/2019-CO/L, Copyright registered, August 2020.

Books Published

  • Dr.S.Prasanna Devi, Dr.Meenakshi Arya, Rural Management – Management Decision Making Tools, Published by: Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education (MGNCRE), Hyderabad, Funded by MHRD. Fund Received: Rs.50,000/-, Published in Jan 2020.
  • S.Manivannan, Dr.S.Prasanna Devi, “Real Time Systems”, Anuradha Publications Pvt. Ltd. ISBN: 978-81-8472-091-4, 2011.

Academic Experience

  • Apollo Engineering College,Aug 2011- Aug 2016 Associate Professor & Head
  • Apollo Engineering College, Chennai 602105 September 2016 – August 2017 Professor & Head
  • SRM University, Vadapalani, Chennai 26 Aug 2017 – Dec 2017 Associate Professor & Head
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Formerly SRM University), Vadapalani, Chennai 26 Jan 2018 – Till Date Professor & Head

Achievements and Awards

  • AICTE approved Review Committee Member for CSE books translation in regional language (Tamil) as per NEP.
  • Recipient of TN State Council’s Young Scientist Fellowship for the year 2014-15 to pursue Post Doc Research at IISc, Bangalore.
  • Designed and Developed the website www.donatelifeindia.com (Launched by the Vice Chancellor Dr.P.Mannar Jawahar, Anna University Chennai) to promote organ donation e-awareness. Highly appreciated by the media – The Deccan Chronicle & The Indian Express dated 13-08-2010.
  • Recipient of Prof.T.R.Natesan Endowment Award for securing highest in ME degree programme, 2007.
  • Best project appreciation and implementation certificate from Ashok Leyland Pvt. Ltd for ME project, 2007.
  • Launched “All India’s First Free GSM Mobile News Letter Service” called “NEWS NUTS”.   Highly appreciated by the Media – The Hindu Dated 15/6/04,   The Indian Express Dated 25/6/04 and The All India Radio.
  • Recipient of “Bain Memorial Award” (school topper award) for the year 2000 for securing highest marks in HSC.


  • Hony Secretary & Life Member – 0913/P/10/MSL , Operational Research Society of India, Chennai Chapter.
  • Life Member – ISTE – 121392
  • Member – Indian Science Congress – L38594
  • Life Member – Institute of Scholars – InSc – InSc20195FA9.