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Udyamee the Acceleration and Innovation Cell was inaugurated in the Department of Management Studies for promoting and nurturing the spirit of specialized knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship among the students by providing platform for creative innovation. Udyamee acts as a catalyst that promotes conversion of potential ideas into practical business solutions and allows healthy sharing of business idea. The cell strives to identify aspiring students and aligns them with the startup eco system.

Vision of the TALENTOS

To be the premier global hub for aspiring HR leaders among MBA graduates, empowering them with unparalleled skills, knowledge, and connections to drive transformative change in the field of Human Resources

Mission of the TALENTOS

Talentos HR Excellence Club is dedicated to fostering professional growth and development among MBA graduates aspiring to excel in the field of Human Resources. Our mission is to provide a platform for upskilling, networking, and knowledge sharing to empower future HR leaders.

  • Skills Enhancement :- Talentos aims to enhance the skills and knowledge of its members in various HR domains, including talent acquisition, employee engagement, organizational development, and HR analytics.
  • Networking :- The club facilitates networking opportunities with HR professionals, alumni, and industry experts. It fosters connections that can lead to internships, mentorships, and career opportunities.
  • Professional Development :- Talentos organizes workshops, seminars, and speaker sessions to keep
    members updated on the latest trends and best practices in HR management. These events are designed to promote continuous learning and development.
  • Consulting Projects :- Members have the chance to apply their HR skills through real-world consulting
    projects with local businesses and nonprofits. This practical experience allows them to translate theory into practice.
  • Career Support :- The club provides resources, guidance, and support for members seeking HR – related internships and job placements. It also offers resume workshops, mock interviews, and career counseling.
  • Community Engagement :- Talentos encourages its members to give back to the community through HR-related volunteering and social responsibility initiatives. This helps develop a sense of social awareness and responsibility among future HR professionals.

Membership Benefits
  • Access to exclusive HR-focused workshops and seminars.

  • Networking opportunities with HR professionals and industry leaders.

  • Involvement in real-world HR consulting projects.

  • Career development resources, including job postings and resume reviews.

  • Participation in community service and social responsibility activities.

  • A platform to exchange ideas and collaborate on HR-related projects

Faculty CoordinatorDr. M. Vijayakumar