Faculty of Engineering & Technology
S.No.Name of ScholarDepartmentName of GuideArea of ResearchJoining YearFull Time / Part TimeStatus
1.Mrs. G. BhargaviCSEDr. J. Arun NehruDeep Learning2019FTThesis Submitted
2.Mrs. S. VaijayanthiCSEDr. J. Arun NehruComputer Vision2019FTOngoing
3.Mrs. V. DeepaCSEDr. S. K. B. SangeethaDeep Learning2020FTOngoing
4.Mrs. M. KavithaCSEDr. K. AkilaNatural Language Processing2020FTOngoing
5.Mrs. B. Shamreen AhamedCSEDr. S. K. B. SangeethaMachine Learning2020FTThesis Submitted
6.Mrs. Deepthi K. OommenCSEDr. J. Arun NehruDeep Learning2020FTOngoing
7.Ms. S. KarthikaCSEDr. M. DurgadeviDeep Learning2021FTOngoing
8.Mrs. S. PraveenaCSEDr. S. Prasanna DeviSupply chain Management2021FTOngoing
9.Mrs. E. VaniCSEDr. K. RamkumarDeep Learning2021FTOngoing
10.Mrs. V. Auxilia Osvin NancyCSEDr. V. RajasekarMedical Image
11.Mrs. A. AbishaCSEDr. N. BharathiBig data Analytics2021FTOngoing
12.Ms.P.Adlene EbenezerCSEDr. S. ManoharSatellite Image
13.Mrs. G. MohanapriyaCSEDr. S. K. B. SangeethaMachine Learning2021FTOngoing
14.Mrs. E. SabithaCSEDr. M. DurgadeviData Analytics in
15.Ms. P. S. PavithraCSEDr. P. DurgadeviInternet of Things2021FTOngoing
16.Mrs. S. BharathiCSEDr. P. DurgadeviWireless Networks2021FTOngoing
17.Mrs. Rajeswari Rajesh ImmanuelCSEDr. S. K. B. SangeethaDeep Learning2021FTOngoing
18.Mrs. S. JayanthiCSEDr. S. Prasanna DeviDeep and Machine learning2021FTOngoing
19.Mrs. K. SubhaCSEDr. N. BharathiBig data Analytics2021FTOngoing
20.Mrs. V. Sahaya SakilaCSEDr. S. ManoharInternet of Things2021FTOngoing
21.Mrs. R. SujeethaCSEDr. K. AkilaSoftware Testing2021FTOngoing
22.Mrs. A. Nazreen BanuCSEDr. S. K. B. SangeethaCloud computing
with machine
23.Mrs. G. K. VaidhyaCSEDr. Paavai AanandDeep Learning2022FTOngoing
24.Mrs. P. Durga DeviCSEDr. K. AkilaDeep Learning2022FTOngoing
25.Mrs. S. MalathyCSEDr. S. Prasanna DeviImage Processing2023FTOngoing
26.Mr. G. SangarCSEDr. V. RajasekarImage Processing2023FTOngoing
27.Mr. T. K. DamodharanCSEDr. V. RajasekarDeep Learning2019PTOngoing
28.Mr. D. PrabhuCSEDr. Golda DilipMachine Learning
and Deep Learning
29.Mrs. A. Maheswari CSEDr. Golda DilipWireless Networks2021PTOngoing
30.Mrs. J. Sherine GloryCSEDr. P. DurgadeviDeep Learning2021PTOngoing
31.Mrs. A. AkilaCSEDr. P. DurgadeviDeep Learning2021PTOngoing
32.Mrs. M. SuryaCSEDr. S. ManoharCloud Computing2021PTOngoing
33.Mrs. A. SwathiCSEDr. Golda DilipMachine Learning2021PTOngoing
34.Mrs. N. RajiCSEDr. S. ManoharDeep Learning2021PTOngoing
35.Ms. V. JananeeCSEDr. Golda DilipCybersecurity and Machine learning2021PTOngoing
36.Mr. K. P. JyothisCSEDr. K. AkilaIoT Security2022PTOngoing
37.Ms. K. SreeshmaCSEDr. V. RajasekarImage Processing2022PTOngoing
38.Mrs. K. SelviCSEDr. Golda DilipMachine learning,
Deep learning
S.No.Name of ScholarDepartmentName of GuideArea of ResearchJoining yearFull Time / Part TimeStatus
1.Ms. NithiyaECEDr. C. GomathyWireless Networks2013PTCompleted
2.Ms. VinodhiniECEDr. C. GomathyWireless sensor Networks2016FTCompleted
3.Mr. P. KabilamniECEDr. C. GomathyWireless Networks2017FTCompleted
4.Mr. A. Dinesh BabuECEDr. C. GomathyVLSI Deep Learning Systems2019PT - InternalOngoing
5.Ms. S. SandhyaaECEDr. C. GomathyUnderwater Wireless Sensor Network2020FTOngoing
6.Ms. Himabindhu SathyavetiECEDr. C. GomathyInternet of Things2021PT - ExternalOngoing
7.Ms. M. GayathriECEDr. C. GomathyWireless Networks2021FTOngoing
8.Ms. M. RathiECEDr. C. GomathyWireless sensor Networks2023FTOngoing
9.Ms. R. TamilchelvanECEDr. C. GomathyWireless Communication Channel2023FTOngoing
10.Ms. D. Sumithra SofiaECEDr. A. Shirly EdwardCognitive radio networks2019FTOngoing
11.Mr. S.  MohanramECEDr. A. Shirly EdwardMedical Image Processing2019PT -  ExternalOngoing
12.Ms. M. SusandhikaECEDr. A. Shirly EdwardWireless communication2022FTOngoing
13.Ms. P. K. ShimnaECEDr. A. Shirly EdwardBiomedical Image Processing2021PT -  ExternalOngoing
14.Ms. K. DivyaECEDr. A. Shirly EdwardBiomedical Image Processing2021PT -  ExternalOngoing
15.Ms. S. PoornimaECEDr. A. Shirly EdwardIoT Agriculture2023FTOngoing
16.Mr. S. BalajiECEDr. S. KarthikMachine learning approach based
Energy Consumption and prediction in IoT Systems
17.Mr. E. PoovananECEDr. S. KarthikVLSI Machine Learning2019FTOngoing
18.Ms. R. TamilarasiECEDr. S. KarthikVLSI Designs and Nanotechnology2023FTOngoing
19.Ms. V. G. SaranyaECEDr. S. Karthikwireless sensor networks2023FTOngoing
20.Ms. V. AkilaECEDr. J. Anita ChristalineBiomedical Image Processing2019PT -  InternalOngoing
21.Mr. G. DheepakECEDr. J. Anita ChristalineBiomedical Image Processing2021FTOngoing
22.Ms. G.  AnnapoorniECEDr. D. VaishaliMedical signal and image processing2020PTOngoing
23.Ms. S. PriyadarshiniECEDr. D. VaishaliImage processing2021PT -  ExternalOngoing
S.No.Name of ScholarDepartmentName of GuideArea of ResearchJoining YearFull Time / Part TimeStatus
1.Mrs. P. ShanmugavalliMechanicalDr. R. RajaramanThermal FTOngoing
2.Mrs. Moda Geetha RaniMechanicalDr. R. RajaramanThermal FTOngoing
3.Mr. R. GowrimanoharMechanicalDr. R. RajaramanManufacturing PT - InternalOngoing
4.Mr. P. PrabakaranMechanicalDr. S. KarthikeyanThermal FTOngoing
S.No.Name of ScholarDepartmentName of GuideArea of ResearchJoining YearFull Time / Part TimeStatus
1.Mrs. S. ArchanaChemistry Nitroketene dithioacetal chemistry. Synthesis of
peptides from amino acid substituted
nitroketene N, S-acetal moiety
2.Mr. R. VishnuChemistry Diversity Oriented Multi-Component (DOS-MCR)
approach to design highly functional small
organic molecules with inherent flexibility
3.Mr. R. PushpakumarChemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activity
of Nitro enamine substituted Heterocyclic Compounds
S.No.Name of ScholarDepartmentName of GuideArea of ResearchJoining YearFull Time / Part TimeStatus
1.Mr. C. RajeshMathematicsDr. B. BaskaranFunctional Analysis FTCompleted
2.Mr. S. ThalapathirajMathematicsDr. B. BaskaranFunctional Analysis FTCompleted
3.Mr. J. BalamuruganMathematicsDr. C. RajeshFunctional Analysis FTOngoing
4.Mr. R. Anna ThirumalaiMathematicsDr. S. ThalapathirajFunctional Analysis FTOngoing
5.Mr. K. ManikandanMathematicsDr. R. VenkatramanNumber Theory FTOngoing
6.Mr. A. Antony Gnana
MathematicsDr. J. RavikumarFluid Dynamics FTOngoing
7.Mr. C. VijayanMathematicsDr. R. ManimaranStochastic Process FTOngoing
8.Ms. M. MenakaMathematicsDr. R. ManimaranStochastic Process FTOngoing
9.Mr. R. D. MohanrajMathematicsDr. C. RajeshFunctional Analysis FTOngoing
10.Mr. S. MuthuvelMathematicsDr. R. VenkatramanNumber Theory FTOngoing
11.Mrs. K. HemavathyMathematicsDr. S. ThalapathirajFunctional Analysis FTOngoing
12.Ms. N. RacshithaMathematicsDr. R. ManimaranStochastic Process FTOngoing
13.Ms. N. MalavikaMathematicsDr. R. VenkatramanNumber Theory FTOngoing

S.No.Name of ScholarDepartmentName of GuideArea of ResearchJoining YearFull Time / Part TimeStatus
1.Dr. M. MahadevanPhysicsDr. K. RamachandranCrystal Growth PTCompleted
2.Dr. K. SamuvelPhysicsDr. K. RamachandranNanoceramics PTCompleted
3.Dr. V. RatchagarPhysicsDr. K. JagannathanNanomaterials PTCompleted
4.Dr. P. UmaraniPhysicsDr. K. JagannathanCrystal Growth PTCompleted
5.Dr. E. PadminiPhysicsDr. K. RamachandranNanoceramics PTCompleted
6.Dr. G. SaravananPhysicsDr. K. RamachandranNanoceramics PTCompleted
7.Mr. G. RaviPhysicsDr. K. RamachandranDielectric Studies PTOngoing
8.Mr. T. SakthivelPhysicsDr. K. JagannathanSolar Cell PTOngoing
9.Mr. M. VishnuwaranPhysicsDr. K. Ramachandran

Density Functional Theory

10.Mrs. P. SuriyaPhysicsDr. K. JagannathanSolar Cell FTOngoing
11.Mr. K. JeevaganPhysicsDr. K. Jagannathan

Polymer Nanocomposites

12.Mr. GouravPhysicsDr. K. Ramachandran

Density Functional Theory

13.Mr. T. Jose AntonyPhysicsDr. K. JagannathanMagnetic Nanoferrites FTOngoing
14.Mr. R. MuruganPhysicsDr. S. KannanSolid State Ionics FTOngoing
15.Mr. D. AnandPhysicsDr. K. RamachandranNanoceramics FTOngoing
16.Miss. N. Sharon LeelaPhysicsDr. S. KannanNanomaterials FTOngoing
17.Mr. G. Dinesh KumarPhysicsDr. S. KannanSolid State Ionics FTOngoing
18.Mr. S. AngalesPhysicsDr. S. KannanSolid State Ionics FTOngoing