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The Department of Mathematics at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Vadapalani Campus, proudly hosted the National-level Mathematics symposium “Enigma ’24” with the theme “Solve the Unsolvable: AxiomXperience.” The event spanned two enriching days on April 22nd and 23rd, 2024. Students from various institutions participated in this mega event, contributing to its success and vibrancy.

Day 1 : April 22, 2024

Enigma ’24 kicked off with the IPL Auction event, taking place in the Auditorium starting from 9 am, with the participation of 55 teams. This event mirrored the structure of the Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket auctions, challenging participants to strategically bid for virtual players while adhering to a set budget. It required a combination of analytical prowess, strategic planning, and quick decision-making skills. By simulating the intensity of real-life auctions, participants experienced the thrill and pressure, fostering teamwork and a competitive spirit. Undoubtedly, the IPL Auction event set an energetic tone for Enigma’24, sparking dynamic engagement and camaraderie among attendees right from the beginning.

The symposium commenced with the inauguration by Dr. K. Srinivasan, Scientist ‘G’ and Additional Director (Admin) at CVRDE, Avadi – Chennai, accompanied by Dr. C. V. Jayakumar, Dean (FET), SRMIST- Vadapalani. Dr. C. Rajesh, Head of the Department of Mathematics, welcomed the attendees warmly. Dr. C. V. Jayakumar delivered a special address, emphasizing the importance of mathematics and advocating for a fun learning approach. Subsequently, Dr. C. Gomathy, VP – Academics and Placements, highlighted the significance of an application-based learning approach. Dr. K. Srinivasan delivered an insightful inaugural address, emphasizing mathematical innovation and its real-life applications. Dr. S. Thalapathiraj, Coordinator of Matrix club, then proposed the vote of thanks, offering enriching perspectives to the audience.

During ENIGMA 24, a total of 55 teams and 571 students registered and actively participated in the symposium. The event featured 5 technical events, 3 non-technical events, and 2 gaming events, all of which were conducted successfully..

Valedictory Function

The valedictory function marked the successful conclusion of the National-level mathematics symposium, Enigma ’24, honouring the contributions of participants. Dr. C. Gomathy, VP – Academics and Placements, delivered inspiring talks as the chief guest, while the President of The Matrix club Mr. Vishal Umasankar extended a warm welcome. The symposium[ENIGMA24] culminated in a grand ceremony, acknowledging the collective efforts of participants and speakers, with certificates distributed as a symbol of acknowledgement and commitment. As Enigma ’24 came to an end, participants departed with newfound knowledge and inspiration to tackle challenges using the power of mathematics. The vice president of The Matrix club Ms. Nandhini Raja delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all involved.

The Department of Mathematics, SRMIST, Vadapalani campus, organized a National Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics and its Applications (NCRTMA’24) for two days (16th & 17th April, 2024). The fifth consecutive Conference (NCRTMA’24) was attended by the most promising and prominent scholars from various esteemed institutions. A cluster of participants from different parts of the country attended and presented their research findings in the field of Mathematics.

Day 1 : 16-04-2024

The Conference was inaugurated by Dr. M. Pitchaimani, Director & Head, Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, University of Madras, Chennai along with Dr. C. V. Jayakumar, Dean (FET), SRMIST – Vadapalani.

The Conference Proceedings was released by the chief guest Dr. M. Pitchaimani. Dr. C. Rajesh, Head of the Department of Mathematics, welcomed the gathering. Dr. N. Rameshan, introduced the chief guest to the audience.

Dr. M. Pitchaimani specifically pointed out the importance of mathematical foundation in every corner of the world made by mankind. Invited eminent professors from acclaimed universities were invited to provide lectures in various fields of Mathematics in the inaugural address. Invited Professors provided expert talks with a wide spectrum of ideas, discussed through sharing the aspects of mathematical notions in every branch of science. The conference’s objective was to create a forum for updating the current research trends and interact exclusively to rekindle the knowledge to exploration in the Mathematical domain. All the invited participants and the delegates expressed their utmost satisfaction with the
successful organization of this conference and exhibited a desire to accomplish their ongoing research models with a rational logic and probable solution.

Dr. S. Thalapathiraj, Coordinator, proposed the vote of thanks. The research scholars enriched their knowledge with the Interactive and Exemplary session given by Dr. M. Pitchaimani, an enlightening and excellent session by Dr. J. Baskar Babujee.

The participants were very interactive and enthusiastic during the sessions handled by the eminent professors. The participants presented their papers in three parallel sessions. Dr. J. Baskar Babujee, Professor, Anna University, Dr. S. Mahadevan. Associate Professor, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindigul, Dr. B. J. Balamurugan, Professor, VIT, Chennai were the chairpersons for the parallel sessions.

Day 1 concluded with a high tea.

Day 2 : 17-04-2024.

Dr. V. Vetrivel, Professor, IIT, Madras, delivered a thought provoking lecture on research and career opportunities and recent trends in mathematics to the participants. The participants presented their papers in five parallel sessions.

Dr. S. Mahadevan, Associate Professor, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Dindigul, Dr. D. Iranian, Professor, SIMATS, Chennai, Dr. P. Sampath, Associate Professor, SRMIST, KTR, Chennai, Dr. Bapuji Pullepu, Associate Professor, SRMIST, KTR, Chennai and Dr. B. J. Balamurugan, Professor, VIT, Chennai were the chairpersons for the parallel sessions.

Valedictory Function

The valedictory function marked the culmination of a successful conference, celebrating the contributions of participants and speakers. Dr. J. Daniel Chellappa, was the chief guest for the Valedictory function. Dr. R. Manimaran delivered the welcome address. Dr. J. Ravikumar, Presented the report of the conference NCRTMA’24. Dr. S. Muthukumaran introduced the chief guest to the audience.

The valedictory began with the inspirational and insightful talks from Dr. C. V. Jayakumar, Dean, FET and Dr. C. Gomathy, VP-Academics & Placements, SRMIST, Vadapalani Campus, Chennai. The conclusion of NCRTMA 2024 included a thought-provoking address by our esteemed Chief Guest, Dr. J. Daniel Chellappa, Eminent Nuclear Scientist, Chennai. The Chief Guest delivered an inspiring talk, highlighting the importance of mathematics in addressing societal challenges and fostering innovation. 90 scholars & faculty registered and participated in the conference. Dr. J. Daniel Chellappa, Distributed the certificates to the participants.

The Department of Mathematics at SRM IST, Vadapalani Campus, organised a two-days Faculty Development Program on “MATLAB for Calculus and Linear Algebra” to honour the birth anniversary of SrinivasaRamanujan, an Indian mathematician. The program, leads by Dr.Balamurugan B J and Dr. Bandaru Mallikarjuna, covered fundamental topics such as MATLAB basics, matrix operations, solving differential equations, definite integrals, Riemann sums, curve and surface plotting, visualisation techniques using the ezplot function, and the determination of maxima and minima for a single-variable function.

It was officially kickstarted by a welcome address by Dr. C. Rajesh, the Head of Department of Mathematics and the Agenda of the FDP was explained by our Faculty Coordinator, Dr. S. Thalapathiraj. Our Dean FET, Dr. C. V. Jayakumar graced us with his presence.

The participants proactively involved in installing MATLAB, guided by Dr. Mallikarjuna, ensuring effective use of the software. The event attracted 105 attendees, including students, research scholars, and faculty members from various educational institutions across India. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives of the participants added richness to the discussions and activities.

The Faculty Development Program was a success, with enthusiastic engagement and comprehensive coverage of MATLAB applications in calculus and linear algebra. By the end of the workshop, participants had acquired valuable insights into MATLAB’s powerful tools for mathematical analysis. The event was meticulously organised by SRM IST VDP, the Department of Mathematics, and The Matrix Club, with Dr. S. Thalapathiraj playing a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of the program.

The program not only celebrated National Mathematics Day but also served as a platform for knowledge exchange and skill enhancement, leaving a lasting impact on participants and fostering a sense of enthusiasm for mathematical exploration and application.

The Department of Mathematics conducted a skill-building workshop “Matrix and its Applications in Image & Video Processing” on April 21, 2023. The workshop was convened by Dr. C. Rajesh, HOD, Department of Mathematics, and coordinated by Dr. S. Thalapathiraj and Dr. R. Venkatraman.

The workshop started with an inaugural address by Dr. S. Thalapathiraj, who introduced the theme of the workshop and the importance of matrices in image and video processing. 79 students participated in the workshop from various departments.

The presidential address was given by Dr. C. V. Jayakumar (Dean E&T), he explained the importance of mathematics in various fields. The special address was given by Dr. C. Gomathy (VP – Academics and Placements). She explained how students should learn maths from an application point of view. Dr. C. Rajesh elaborated on why maths needs to be learned with fun and the importance of mathematics in career.

The Resource person of the day, Dr J. Arun Nehru (Asst. Prof(Sr. G)/CSE, SRMIST, Vadapalani Campus)shared a few words about the role MATLAB plays in the field of Artificial intelligence and machine learning, he also detailed on how matrix acts as a basic backbone for the whole image and video processing. The workshop started at 9.30 with an introduction to MATLAB and how matrices are used in image and video processing.

He demonstrated some examples in image and video processing. The most useful hands-on session started at 1.00 pm with students practicing the basics of image and video processing.

The event ended at 2.45 pm with a doubt-clarifying and feedback session. The event was a grand success and received very good feedback from the students. The students felt the program was very useful and said they learned basic knowledge of MATLAB’s image and video processing.

The Department of Mathematics organized an expert talk on “Calculation is a Part of life” on 18-04-2023 at 9.00 am in the auditorium. The expert talk was convened by Dr. C. Rajesh, HOD/Maths and coordinated by Dr.R.Manimaran Asst.Prof/Maths, Dr.J.Ravikumar Asst.Prof/Maths and Mr.J.Balamurugan Asst.Prof/Maths.

The Guest for the event was Dr.S.Thirumagan, a renowned, multi-skilled personality and presently Principal, Hindustan College of Arts & Science, Chennai, former Controller of Examinations, University of Madras. The first year B.Tech. students were the beneficiary of the event. The event was presided by our Dean, Dr.C.V.Jayakumar, honoured by Dr. C. Gomathy VP-Academic and the Heads of departments. Dr.C.Rajesh, HOD/Maths welcomed the gathering, Dr.R.Manimaran, A.P/Maths, introduced the guest to the audience. It was an interactive and interesting session, in which various skills of learning and calculation about the various steps in life were discussed. The speaker highlighted the popular and top three letter universities in the world and quoted our SRM is in the list amongst the top universities of the world. He also described about the “Ten Points – a great institution should possess”, also stated that SRM has all the Ten points. He entertained the students with a song containing Mathematical concepts, the likes and dislikes of students while studying mathematics subjects. Dr.J.Ravikumar, A.P/Maths proposed the vote of thanks. The students appreciated and applauded the talk given by Dr.S.Thirumagan.

The Department of Mathematics of SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Vadapalani, organized and hosted the 4th National Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics and its Applications (NCRTMA’20) on 13/03/2020. As the name of the event suggests, it is an amalgamation of all developments in the Mathematics field through which interested and expertised scholars can present their findings. In superb SRM fashion, NCRTMA’20 saw participation from across the country and state with over 120 papers published for the event.

The inauguration ceremony was presided by Dr.T. Ravimanickam, Director of the School of Science Tamil Nadu Open University, along with Dr.K. Duraivelu, Dean (E&T) SRMIST Vadapalani. Other members of the dais were Dr.A. Govindarajan, Professor and HOD Mathematics, SRMIST Kattankulathur, and Dr.V. Thangaraj, Former Director and Head of RIASM University of Madras. Dr.B. Baskaran, HOD Mathematics, SRMIST Vadapalani, provided the welcome address to the esteemed guests on the dais, highlighting the magnitude of this year’s NCRTMA conference and the happenings of previous editions. The Chief Guest, Dr.T. Ravimanickam provided insight on the Gross Enrollment figures of our country, showing the rising interest in the field of Mathematics. Having done a PHD programme in Biotechnology, Dr.T. Ravimanickam substantiated the need for mathematical modelling in research work of all disciplines citing a rather interesting anecdote on the mathematical modelling used by the founder of crude oil.

Dr.K Duraivelu, Dean E&T further supported these statements by providing various examples in which mathematics proved essential to ground-breaking discoveries. The speakers highlighted how mathematics helps us understand, analyse, and predict the behavior of any system.. The wide range of uses for mathematics allows scientists of any discipline to understand the underlying processes of their research, providing concrete evidence of its existence.

The conference’s objective is to provide a space for introducing and updating research trends to further deliberate the significance of mathematics in the modern world. The participants as well as the esteemed guests lauded the successful organization of the conference and expressed their appreciation for the all-round interest in the world of mathematics portrayed by all those present.

The Department of Mathematics, SRMIST, Vadapalani organized two days Workshop on “Hands-on Engineering Mathematics Using Matlab” from 14th to 15th February 2020. This workshop was inaugurated by Dr. B. Baskaran, Professor & Head, Department of Mathematics, SRMIST, Vadapalani. The Workshop focused on Various Mathematical Applications, Implementing them using Matlab for Effective Computation. 35 Participants took part in this workshop from various colleges across India. The participants were allowed to practice using sample Programs in the lab. The workshop participants appreciated the External Resource Person: Dr.Bandaru Mallikarjuna, Professor, Department of Mathematics, BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. and Internal resource person : Dr. J.Arun Nehru, AP(Sr.G) / CSE, SRMIST, Vadapalani for their insightful and good delivery of the sessions. This workshop was coordinated by Dr. S. Thalapathiraj, AP(Sr.G)/ Mathematics, SRMIST, Vadapalani.

The special event NCRTMA falls on February every year. This year it was conducted from February 23rd to Feb 24th, 2018. It gives more energy and enthusiasm to work with. This year the chief guests were Prof. Dr. D. Viswanathan, Former Vice-Chancellor (June2005-June2008) Anna University, Chennai and Mr.A.P.J.M.J.Sheik Dawood, a member from the family of Noble Personality, Noble Teacher, Noble Leader and Noble president, our ever loved Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam .

NCRTMA is an event, well planned and guided by Dr.B.Baskaran, HOD/ Mathematics greatly supported by Dr.K.Duraivelu, Dean(E&T) a dynamic personality. The event is well supported by the management.

The Third National Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics & its applications (NCRTMA) is like a festival for the mathematics fraternity where they can interact with pioneers of Mathematics in various fields. The NCRTMA is a good platform to enrich and exploit our knowledge and ideas.

Every year we get an overwhelming response for the NCRTMA. This year also we got enormous response from the research fraternity. Overall we have received 120 articles, after scrutinizing the committee finalized 81 articles.

A total of 92 scholars registered, 70 presented the papers and 22 participated in two days of the conference. This year, a good number of people from other department also participated and presented the papers. The scrutinized and presented papers have been published in IJPAM/SEAJMMS.

The Department of Mathematics of  Vadapalani campus organized a two days second National  Conference on  “Recent Trends in Mathematics and its Applications”(NCRTMA17)  in association with McGraw Hill Education India Pvt Ltd. and International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics  (IJPAM) on February 24  and  February 25, 2017. Around 200 participants from various institutions in India attended the conference.

Dr.Kalanidhi , Former Vice chancellor, Anna university, Chennai was the chief guest.  The conference was inaugurated with lighting of  kuthuvilakku by Dr. K.Duraivelu, Dean (E&T),  the chief guest Dr.Kalanidhi and Dr. B.Baskaran , HOD/ Mathematics. The dean had delivered the inaugural address and the chief guest had delivered the special address.

The invited speakers Prof. R.Sahadevan, UGC Emeritus fellow, Former Director & Head, Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Chennai,  Prof. G.Najundan, Bangalore university, Dr.K.C.Sivakumar , Prof, IIT Madras,  Dr.J.Baskar Babujee, Prof , MIT campus , Anna university for research had given keynote addresses.

During the conference the proceedings of the conference were launched by the dignitaries.

Certificates  were distributed to the participants in the valedictory function on 25.02.2017 by Dr. S.V.Kasmir Raja, Dean (Research), SRM University, Dr.K.Duraivelu, Dean (E&T)  and Dr. B.Baskaran,  HOD/ Mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics of  Vadapalani campus organized the First  National Conference on  “Recent Trends in Mathematics and its Applications”(NCRTMA16) in association with McGraw Hill Education India Pvt. Ltd. & Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (GJPAM) (RI Publications)  on February 26  and  February 27, 2016.  More than 100 participants from various institutions in India attended the conference.

Dr. S. Thirumurugan, Controller of Examinations University of  Madras  was the chief guest. The conference was inaugurated with lighting of  kuthuvilakku by Dr. K.Duraivelu, Dean (E&T), the chief guest Dr. S. Thirumurugan  and Dr. B.Baskaran , HOD/ Mathematics.

The dignitaries inspired the participants by their motivational and informative address. During the conference the proceedings of the conference were launched by the dignitaries.

The invited speakers Dr. J. Baskar Babujee, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Division of Applied Science and Humanities, MIT Campus, Anna University, Chennai,  Dr.V.Thangaraj, Controller of Examinations, VEL Tech University, Avadi ,Chennai, Prof. G. Nanjundan, Bangalore University, Bangalore and Dr. K.C.Sivakumar, Professor , IIT Madras gave keynote addresses from research topics.