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Date Name of the Event Experts
  1. Dr. P Ilango, Group Technical Manager at HCL Technologies.
  2. Dr. Raj Ramachandran, Senior Lecturer in Technologies (Head), Cardiff Metropolitan University
  3. Mr. Deepan Raj, Senior Technical Lead, Data Scientist HCL Technologies, Chennai
  4. Dr. Mohanraj Vengadachalam, AIML Delivery Lead, Standard Chartered Bank, Chennai
15/04/2024 Junior send off alumni meet - Farewell'24  
  1. Dr. Raj Ramachandran
20/03/2024 Revolutionizing Data Science: The Power Bl Paradigm Shift and Future Trends
  1. Dr. S. Gomathi, Head of Learning and Development /  Microsoft MVP, ATNA Technologies
19/03/2024 Alumni Event - Industry Use Cases of Data Science
  1. Ms. O. Yaswanthi, AI Engineer , (Alumni Batch 2019 - 2023)
15/03/2024 Technozarre'24-National Level Symposium by WHHC Club
  1. Tmt.Ayman Jamal, IPS Deputy Commissioner of Police, Avadi (Inaugural - Chief Guest)
  2. Mr.Sowrirajan Saranathan Director, Comodo (Guest of Honor)
  3. Ms. M. Sri Lisha Stebila Theras, Deputy Superintendent of Police, T.N. State Cyber Command Centre, Chennai- Valedictory Chief Guest.
13/03/2024 and 14/03/2024 Technozzare'24 - Presymposium Workshop on Data Analytics
  1. Ms, Sarika Harikrishnan, Senior Software Engineer, Bank of America Continuum India
13/03/2024 Decode Your Career in Computer Science & Engineering & In Cybersecurity
  1. Mr. Kishore P, Cybersecurity Practitioner at Amazon
11/03/2023, 12/03/2024 Technozzare'24 - Presymposium Workshop on Security & Safety in Digital Space
  1. Mr. Gopalsamy Rajendran, Senior Consultant Proviti India Member Limited
08/03/2023 Workshop on Research Methodology and Writing Skills
  1. Dr. Sounik Kiran Kumar Dash, Research Assistant Professor from the Dept of ECE at SRM IST KTR
08/03/2024 ECLAT: An Entrepreneurial Odyssey
  1. Ms. Ranjitha R, Visionary Founder &  CEO of Trouvaille Eunoia
  1. Mr. Sidarth S, Smart Contract Researcher hailing from Truguard Labs, Chennai,
05/03/2024 Skill Development Session on Mastering Classic Animation
  1. Shriram Govindrajan (Alumni Batch 2019-23)
01/03/2023 Technozzare'24 Pre Symposium Seminar by Manya - Study Abroad & Career Paths Beyond Graduation
  1. Ms. Sujatha, Manya Instructor
01/03/2024 Decode Your Career in Computer Science & Engineering
  1. Mr. Krishna Kumar, Vice President, NatWest, Chennai
29/02/2024 Technozzare'24 - Presymposium Workshop on Artificial Intelligence
  1. Mr. Sriram, Data Science Engineer Livesitter Chennai
27/02/2024 to 28/02/2024 Technozzare'24 - Presymposium Workshop Cybersecurity : The Art of Hacking 2.0
  1. Mr. Sriram Kesavan, Founder & Director of Security at TG Cyberlabs - Secufra Labs Google Top Bug Hunter 2022
22/02/2024 and 23/02/2024 Workshop on Cyber Security with AI & ML (sponsored by Computer Society of India, Chennai Chapter)
  1. Dr.B.Hariharan, Assoc. Prof, SRMIST
  2. Dr.Surya Prabha, Assoc. Prof, SASTRA
  3. Mr.Anirudh, COMCAST
  4. Dr.Indra P, Asst.Prof VIT, Chennai
16/02/2024 Orientation seminar on Exam Preparation for Higher Studies -Learner's Cortex - Mangoosh (DI Club)
  1. Mr. Sriram Rangarajan, Chief Instructor and Admissions Associate
15/02/2024 and 16/02/2024 Workshop on Game development
  1. Nandhini Hinduja, GUVI Geek Networks
03/02/2023 ICG SHIP VISIT at Chennai Port Trust
  1. Mr. Nishanth Rajasekar
  2. Mr. Shivamani BM
E2E Networks Ltd. Vellore and alumni (Batch of 2021)
03/02/2023 DCSE Participation in NPS International University fair


02/02/2024 SRM ARCADE -Symposium for School Students
  1. Mr. Alexander Samuel, Founder CEO, Auuro Educational Services
  2. Ms. K. R. Maalathi, Production Lead, Kyndryl
  3. Mr. M. A. Ashok Kumar, Vice President, NatWest
01/021/2024 - 15/02/2024 WHHC Club - Skill Building Workshop on Cyberguard Mastery : 15-days dive into Ethical Hacking and Security Strategies
  1. WHHC Faculty Coordinator & Student Mentors
30/01/2024 Career Opportunities and Pathways n Cybersecurity-Alumni Event
  1. Rakshitha, (Alumni Batch 2019 - 23)
23/01/2024 Mentor Session on Oracle - Alumni Event
  1. Madhav (Alumni Batch 2019 - 23), Configuration Analyst, Oracle Cerner, Bangalore
Date Name of the Event Experts
20/12/2023 - 21/12/2023 FDP on Artificial Intelligence
  1. Dr. S. Prasanna Devi, Prof. & Head, DCSE
  2. Dr. P. Chitra, Prof., DCSE
  3. Dr. Neelam Sanjeev Kumar, Asst. Prof., DCSE
  4. Dr. T. Anusha, Asst. Prof., DCSE, SRM IST VDP
  5. Mr. R. Viswanathan, Industry Expert, PMP and Agile Certified Professional
  6. Dr. P. Sharmila, Asst. Prof., Dept. of DS, TCE, Madurai
11/12/2023 - 16/12/2023 AICTE Sponsored ATAL FDP - Unleashing the Power of Data Science for Industry 4.0 FDP
13/12/2023 Seminar on Psychological Wellness
  1. Dr.Sumathi Narayanan, President - Creative Communication and Management Centre , Chennai
18/11/2023 DCSE Outreach Program at Vidyodaya Girls Higher Secondary School, Chennai, No. 1, Thirumalai Road, T.Nagar Outreach
03/11/2023 Stress Management Music Event
25/10/2023 International webinar - Mastering the art of open source collaboration: A webinar for developers
  1. Mr. Abhishek Balaji, Software Engineer , Imply, Sanfracisco
18/10/2023 National Level Conference - NCTS'23
  1. Dr. Sri Vallabha Deevi, Principal Data Scientist at Tiger Analytics
  2. Dr. Anand Gurupatham, General Manager, Power Train, CAE, Department Head at Renault Nissan, Technology & Business center
  3. Dr. Dhananjay Kumar, Professor, Department of IT, Anna University – MIT Campus
17/10/2023 Faculty Development Seminar on VMware Cloud : Beyond the Horizon
  1. Mr. E. Selventhiran, Techlead VMware
17/10/2023 Discovering Wellness: The Natural Way
  1. Mr. E. Selventhiran, Techlead VMware
17/10/2023 NCTS'23 - Preconference workshop - Data Analytics and OPEN AI
16/10/2023 NCTS'23 - Preconference workshop - Cybersecurity: The Art of Hacking
  1. Mr. Sriram Kesavan, Founder of TG Cyberlabs and Secfura labs
16/10/2023 Placement Webinar - How to crack placements?
  1. Mr. Srinivasa Mahesh, IV year student (2020 - 24 batch)
13/10/2023 and 14/10/2023 UberTech'23 - ACE CLUB
  1. DIG MS Rawat, COMDIS-5 (North TN)
  2. Mr. A Janagaraj, Global Head Cybersecurity Practice Unit ,LTIMindtree
  3. Mr. Vijay Mohan, AVP – Digital Consulting, HCL Technologies
13/10/2023 Alumni Conclave
10/10/2023 and 11/10/2023 Outreach workshop on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for MCC public school, Chetpet
  1. Dr. Durga Devi, Asst. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
  2. Dr. B. Prabha, Asst. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
  3. Dr. Neelam Sanjay Kumar, Asst. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
09/10/2023 Cutting Edge Technologies - UBERTECH'23 Presymposium workshop
  1. Mr. Arvind Balamurugan
  2. Mr. Harish Rajasekaran
Research Engineers at FLEX
05/10/2023 and 06/10/2023 Two-day pre-symposium Hands-on Workshop "Android App Development,"
  1. Ms. Nandini S Hinduja, React Native Developer at GUVI Geek Networks
27/09/2023 Crack Top Placements And 100% scholarships for Masters Abroad
  1. Mr. Suresh S Koujalagi, Business Development Manager , Career Labs Technologies Pvt Ltd
26/09/2023 Industrial Visit to CSIR-CLRI
18/09/2023 and 19/09/2023 iOS App Development Bootcamp: From Idea to App Store-UBERTECH'23 Presymposium Workshop3
  1. Mr.Rizwan Ahmed Senior iOS developer and Technology Zoho Corporation,
14/09/2023 and 15/09/2023 Workshop on “Real Time Data Analytics”
  1. Dr. Radha Senthil kumar Associate Professor · MIT CAMPUS, Anna University
  2. Dr. S. Renuka Devi, Associate Professor, DCSE, VIT CHENNAI
13/09/2023 and 14/09/2023 DI club in collaboration with UpGrad - HACKFEST 2.0
11/09/2023 to 12/09/2023 Two Days Workshop on Computer Vision and Image Processing with Intelligent Cloud Resources - UBERTECH'23 Presymposium Workshop1
  1. Dr. V. AJANTHA DEVI, Research Head, AP3 Solutions, Chennai.
  2. Dr. KOVENDAN. AKP, Asst. Prof (Sr), Dept of Db Systems,VIT, Vellore.
02/09/2023 to 05/09/2023 DCSE participation in Defense and Technology expo organized by the Swatantra and FIMA organization at the Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam, Chennai
01/09/2023 ACE YOUR PLACEMENTS - Tips and Technique (ACE Club Event)
  1. Ms. Bhavya Jain
30/08/2023 Build A Bot Workshop
  1. Mr. Bhuvaneswaran .B, Associate Professor , UIPath Community Trainer , Dept.CSE , Rajalakshmi Engineering College , Chennai
24/08/2023 Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Mindset: Innovation Workshop
  1. Ms. Poorani .R, Co-Founder & Director at Aeka Herabal , C-Founder at PeNPassionate, a Women Entrepreneur Association , Founder at The Brand Force, Public Speaker
23/08/2023 International webinar on Business, Finance, and the Current Market in 2023
  1. Mr. Divakar. V, DevOps Engineer, CoreLogic, Canada
23/08/2023 and 24/08/2023 Two Days Hands-on Workshop On Smart Contract Security Using Blockchain
  1. Mr. S. Jayakumar, Smart Contract Research Engineer, Trugard Labs, San Francisco
21/08/2023 and 22/08/2023 Pre Hackathon Workshop on Web Development
18/08/2023 Alumni Event - A Mentor Session On Exploring Sustainable AI - From A Frontend Perspective
  1. Mr. Jathiswar .B, Full Stack Developer, GAVS Technologies (Alumnus 2018 - 2022 Batch)
17/08/2023 and 18/08/2023 Workshop on Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality App Development
  1. Mr. Ashokkumar Manisekaran, Entrepreneur, Founder , Developer & Trainer @ Praya Labs
16/08/2023 to 18/08/2023 Python NETCAD Training in association with ICTACADEMY
  1. Mr. Srinivasan T, CISCO Netacad certified trainer from ICT Academy
11/08/2023 Alumni Workshop on Pathway to Higher Studies Abroad
  1. Mr. SHREYAS, MS Student, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and an alumnus of DCSE (Batch of 2019 – 23)
14/06/2023 to 17/07/2023 SIMS Internship
28/07/2023 Alumni Event - Exploring the ins and outs of Successful Placements
  1. Ms. Chetna A. Chandavarkar, Senior Tech Associate , Bank of America, Alumnus (2019-23 Batch)
28/07/2023 Alumni Event - Intuitive Approach to Programming
  1. Mr. Ryan Collins, an alumnus of DCSE (Batch of 2018 - 22) and Master's candidate at Arizona State University
27/09/2023 Crack Top Placements And 100% scholarships for Masters Abroad
  1. Mr. Suresh S Koujalagi
21/07/2023 Alumni Event - Skill Development Session
  1. Mr. Rasswanth .S, Masters Student , University of South Australia , Alumnus (2019-23 Batch)
14/07/2023 ISR - TOPPERS CEREMONY - Velammal Vidyalaya Annexure, Senior Secondary School, Ayanambakkam (CBSE), Chennai
  1. Dr. Golda Dilip, Asso. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
05/07/2023, 12/07/2023, 19/07/2023, 26/07/2023 “A Deep dive into the world of generative AI” - Build your own AI Applications
  1. Ms. Pooja Agrawal, Research Expert from Open Weaver company
26/06/2023 to 30/06/2023 FIIP
  1. Mr. R. Gnanaselvam, Project Consultant , National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC)- Technical Services Centre, Chennai.
30/06/2023 Webinar on Awareness of NBA
  1. Dr. R. Geetha, Professor & Head S A Engineering College
27/06/2023 Workshop on Hardware Trouble Shooting
  1. Ms. Diana S E, System Analyst, at Panimalar Medical College Hospital & Research Institute, Chennai.
  1. Dr. R. Rajeswari Ravi, Content writer, Freelancer trainer associated with Maruti Publisher
05/05/2023 Farewell'23 - Batch of 2019-2023
  1. Captain.Lovely Feranda . M, Senior Captain - INDIGO AIRLINES
28/04/2023 and 29/04/2023 International Research Conference on IOT, Cloud & Data Science
  1. Chief Guest - Mr. Ramesh Sethuraman, Global Program Director – India & USA, HCL  Technologies
  2. Guest of Honour - Mr. Saravanan Palaniswamy, Vice President & SBU Head Delivery & Resources – UK & Ireland, CTS
  3. Keynote speaker - Dr. Raj Ramachandran, Lecturer in CS, UWE Bristol
28/04/2023 Alumni Event - Seminar on Software Test Automation
  1. Mr. Raghav Hari Krishna V S, SDET, Shark Ninja, BOSTON & also alumnus of SRMIST (2014-2018 Batch)
25/04/2023 Alumni Event - Seminar on Business Intelligence and Analytics
  1. Mr. Srinivas Muralidharan, Data and Analytics Specialist Friesland Campina, Netherlands
12/04/2023 and 13/04/2023 Industrial Visit for 2nd year students to ISRO Telemetry Tracking and Command Network (ISTRAC) in Bangalore
10/04/2023 and 11/04/2023 Two days workshop on “INTERNET OF THINGS USING JETSON NANO, ARDUINO & RASPBERRY PI”
  1. Dr. Kanagachidambaresan, Assoc Prof , Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology
06/04/2023 Alumni Event - Workshop on "Mastering Digital Marketing – In-Depth Experience and Practical Experience" - ACE CLUB Event
  1. Mr. Emil Eji, VP of Marketing, Haris & Co
03/04/2023 ICT Trends and Opportunities for Engineering Students and the Role of Professional Societies in Career Progression"
  1. Mr. H.R. Mohan, IEEE Ambassador, Chair-Events & Imm Past Chair of IEEE Computer Society, Madras
28/03/2023 Outreach program for 9th std students of Govt. Boys Higher Sec School, Sevapet Road
  1. Internal Faculty - DCSE
  1. Mr. Leo James, Blockchain Developer at Agira Technologies - Chennai
09/03/2023 and 10/03/2023 Two days National level Workshop on Tools and techniques for Object Detection & Tracking in Surveillance Videos
  1. Dr. V. Masilamani, HOD, DCSE, IIITDM
  2. Dr. Rahul Raman, Assistant Professor, DCSE, IIITDM
03/03/2023 MoU with Wise Work
  1. Dr. Madhan Kumar Srinivasan - Co-Founder and CEO of WiseWork India
  2. Dr. S. Ponnusamy - Registrar, SRMIST.
4 weeks weekend FDP starting from 04/03/2023 to 25/03/2023 FDP on Golang
  1. Dr. M. S. Sricharan, Principal consultant , Wipro technologies
  2. Mr. Ananthakrishnan Devaraj, Hiring Head, TN & Puducherry
03/03/2023 Technozarre'23 - National Level Symposium - WHHC Club DCSE
  1. Chief Guest : Dr. S. Srinivasan, Member Secretary, Tamilnadu State Council for Science and Technology, Chennai.
  2. Guest of Honour : Mr. Muralidharan Rajagopalan, Managing Director-IoT Solutions, Telit India.
  3. Chief Guest : Dr. Madhan Kumar Srinivasan, Co-Founder and CEO - Wise Work, Bangalore
  4. Guest of Honor: Mr. Shivaram K R, Co-Founder and CTO , Wise Work, Bangalore
01/03/2023 Workshop on Blockchain and Web 3- Technozarre'23 (Presymposium Workshop-2)
  1. Mr. Prayasu Satapathy, Developer at Shardeum
27/02/2023 and 28/02/2023 Two Day Hands-Workshop on Cyber Security in Post Quantum World - Technozarre'23 (Presymposium Workshop-1)
  1. Mr. Gopalsamy Rajendran, Senior Security Engineer, Accubits Technologies Inc
27/02/2023 International Webinar series on trending technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science – 2
  1. Dr. Vanlin Sathya, Research Engineer, CTO Wireless Lab, United States of America
  1. Mr. Nishanth Rajasekar
  2. Mr. Shivamani BM
E2E Networks Ltd. Vellore and alumni (Batch of 2021)
03/02/2023 ICG SHIP VISIT at Chennai Port Trust
  1. Mr. Nishanth Rajasekar
  2. Mr. Shivamani BM
E2E Networks Ltd. Vellore and alumni (Batch of 2021)
31/01/2023 and 01/02/2023 International Hackfest 2023
  1. Ms. A. Radhika, IPS, IGP - Armed Police
31/01/2023 Workshop on "Entrepreneurship Ecosystem"
  1. Dr. D. Selvakumari, Convener, MCC MRF Innovation park
28/01/2023 International Webinar Series on Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  1. Dr. Jino Ramson, Principal RF and mmWave Test Development Engineer, Global Foundries, United States of America
20/01/2023 and 21/01/2023 WORKSHOP ON ETHICAL HACKING
  1. Mr. V. Karthikeyan, Founder and CEO, Cappricio Securitie
09/01/2023 Career Guidance Programme – Vidyodaya Girls School, T.Nagar
  1. Dr. Chitra, Asso. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
  2. Dr. G. Paavai Anand, Asst. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
Date Name of the Event Experts
19/12/2022 to 23/12/2022 Faculty Industry Immersion Program
  1. Mr.T. Durga Prasad, Lead Data Scientist, DeepSphere.AI
02/12/2022 Outreach - Inter-school Tech Fest called “Zephyr 22”, MCC Public School
  1. Dr. S. Prasanna Devi, HOD/CSE, SRMIST, VDP
01/12/2022 International Webinar Series on Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  1. Mr. Vignesh Raj, IOS developer at IAG, Australia
23/11/2022 and 24/11/2022 Workshop on “Python Programming and Photoshop”
  1. Dr. P. Durgadevi, Asst. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
  2. Dr. A. Sinduja, Asst. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
10/11/2022 Outreach Workshop on Python Programming
  1. Dr. Paavai Anand, Asst. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
31/10/2022 to 24/11/2022 Skill Building Workshop on PYTHON
  1. Dr. Golda Dilip, Asso. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
07/11/2022 to 09/11/2022 C programming and Photoshop
  1. Dr. P. Durga Devi, AP(Sr.G), SRMIST, VDP
  2. Dr. V. Rajasekar, Asso. Prof, SRMIST, VDP
 3/11/2022 and 4/11/2022 Data Analytics workshop
  1. Mr. Manigandan Anand, Project Head, Shree Krishna Industries
29/10/2022 International Webinar Series on Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  1. Mr. Yegna Subramanian, MLOps Researcher at the Center for Deep Learning, Northwestern University, USA
14/10/2022 to 15/10/2022 UBERTECH’22
  1. Mrs. K. Bhavaneeswari IPS, IPS, Inspector General of Police(Vigilance and Anti Corruption) of TamilNadu
  2. Dr. Madhan Kumar Srinivasan, CTO & Managingxdx Director at HueTech LLC LTD Dubai
  3. Mr. Aji Tom, General Manager at Talent Management and Acquisition at Kone Elevator India
16/08/2022 to 30/09/2022 Skill Building Workshop
  1. Dr. P. Durgadevi, AP(Sr.G), SRMIST, VDP
  2. Dr. M. Durgadevi, AP(Sr.G), SRMIST, VDP
19/09/2022 to 20/09/2022 Industry Perspectives of  Data Science and Data Engineering
  1. Mr. Gururajan Govindan, Analytics Technical Lead from Tiger Analytics
16/09/2022 to 17/09/2022 NVIDIA DLI: JETSON NANO
  1. Dr. Purusothaman P
  2. Dr. Gopalakrishnan B
NVIDIA Certified DLI Instructors, Research Scholar
06/09/2022 International Webinar Series on Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  1. Mr. Parthasarathi Gopalaswamy, Azure Adoption Advisory Asia Lead at Microsoft Corporation, Tokoyo
24/08/2022 to 28/09/2022 Initiative towards UN SDG(#3) – Good Health & Well-Being in association with PSP Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Oragadam, Chennai on the theme “EMERGING STRONGER
  1. Dr. Rajan, Pediatrician at PSP Medical College, Hospital and Research Institute
24/08/2022 to 28/09/2022 Skill Building Workshop on Full Stack Development
  1. Mrs. Indumathy, Assistant Professor at SRMIST, VDP
08/08/2022 International Webinar Series on Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  1. Dr. Bahrullah safi, Vice President(International) at Acacia University, Arizona,USA
18/07/2022 to 23/07/2022 STTP on Data Science and Intelligent Cloud  Computing
  1. Dr. ADITHYA POTHAN RAJ. V, Lead Architect - Technology, Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Chennai
  2. Mr. Bhuvaneswaran, Assistant Professor cum Training Manager, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, Chennai
  3. Mr. A. Rajesh Shankar, Tech Lead at Infosys Ltd
  4. Dr. T. Ananth Kumar, Assistant Professor at IFET College of Engineering, Villupuram
  5. Dr. H. Benjamin Fredrick David, Assistant Professor at K. R. College of Arts and Science, Kovilpatti
  6. Mrs. R. Parvathavarthini, Machine Learning Engineer at PayPal, Futura Tech Park, Scholinganallur
27/04/2022 Business Intelligence and analytics using TABLEAU”
  1. Mr. Srinivas
30/03/2022 to 06/04/2022 Short Term Training Programme on Mobile and Web application development
  1. Mr. Niket Kumar
  2. Mr. Ramcharan S
  3. Mr. Daniel Santhosam .S
  4. Mr. Achyut M S
  5. Mr. Aditya prasath. R
28/03/2022 One Day Workshop on Business Analytics (Alumni Workshop)
  1. Mr. Jervin Ravi (Batch 2015 – 19) Pursuing Masters in Business Administration
21/03/2022 to 26/03/2022 Workshop on Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Science
  1. Fundamentals of Data Science in Python Ms. Mounica Subramani Data Scientist BioAI Health Massachusetts
  2. Big Data Analytics with Hadoop Dr. S. Karthikeyan Associate Professor, School of CSE VIT University, Amaravati,Andhra Pradesh
  3. Predictive Analytics Transforming Data into future insights Dr. R. Priyadharsini Associate Professor Department of CSE SSN College of Engineering, Chennai
  4. Regression Algorithms for Discriminant Analysis Dr. S. Karthika Associate Professor Department of IT SSN College of Engineering, Chennai
  5. Machine Learning Models Dr. Kalaivani Anbarasan Program Director - IT Associate Professor, Department of CSE Saveetha School of Engineering, Chennai
  6. Healthcare Applications using Raspberry Pi/Arduino Dr. P Kumaran Assistant Professor, Department of CSE NIT PY Karaikal
16/03/2022 and 17/03/2022 Workshop On Deep Learning & Its Applications
  1. .Dr. Supraja, Assoc.Prof, Dept. N/W & Communications, SRMIST, KTR, Chennai.
  2. Dr. V. M. Gayathri, Asst.Prof, Dept. N/W & Communications, SRMIST, KTR, Chennai.
  3. Mrs. Helen Victoria, Asst.Prof, Dept. N/W & Communications, SRMIST, KTR, Chennai.
10/03/2022 to 12/03/2022 NVIDIA JETSON NANO DLI: Hands-on Workshop
  1. Mr. Akash James NVIDIA Certified DLI Instructor
09/03/2022 and 10/03/2022 Workshop On Data Science Using Python With Hands-On Sessions
  1. Dr. T. Karthik, Asst.Prof, Dept. DSBS SRMIST, KTR, Chennai
04/03/2022 & 05/03/2022 Technozzare'22 Technical Symposium - WHHC Club DCSE
  1. Mr. Harinarayan Paramasivan, Principal Group Engineering Manager, Microsoft, USA
  2. Chief Guest: Mr. A. Senthil Kumar, Associate Principal, L&T Infotech Chennai
02/03/2022 Implementation of Database In Industry
  1. Mr. M. De. Sambath
02/02/2022 to 12/02/2022 Online Course
  1. Dr. S. K. B. Sangeetha
31/01/2022 to 11/02/2022 Virtual Reality – A Future Technology
  1. Mr. Ashokkumar Manisekaran
  2. Mr. Annam Thyaga Raja Kishore
  3. Ms. Rajalakshmi Mahadevan
  4. Dr. Bharathi
27/01/2022 AI Workshop
  1. Mr. Jothi Periyasamy
22/01/2022 NVIDIA Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  1. Dr. Madhushree Basavarajaiah
07/01/2022 The Path Ahead in Engineering - OUTREACH
  1. Dr. G. Paavai Anand
DateName of the EventExperts
29/11/2021 to 10/12/2021Two-Week STTP On Research Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Image Processing and Analysis
  1. Dr. S. Anbazhagan, Assoc.Prof,Department of Electrical Engg, Annamalai University
  2. Dr. Arockia Jansi Rani, Director Online Courses, DCSE, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University
  3. Dr. K. Vaidehi, Assoc.Prof, DCSE, Stanley College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Hyderabad
  4. Dr. L. Rama Parvathy ,Program Director, Institute of AI &Data Science, Saveetha School of Engineering, SIMATS, Chennai
  5. Dr. Manish T. I, Dean, DCSE, Adi Sankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kerala
  6. Dr. M. Indiramma ,Professor, DCSE,BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore
  7. Dr. Balakrishnan. S, Professor and Head CSBS, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology,Coimbatore
  8. Dr. C. Ram Kumar,Assoc.Prof, Dr. NGP Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
  9. Dr. Jenica, Asst. Prof, Level 4, DCSE, VIT, Chennai
22/11/2021 to 24/11/2021FDP on NLP and its application
  1. Mr. Ganesh Kumar A, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft.
  2. Dr. B. Amutha, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRMIST, Kattankulathur Campus.
  3. Dr. J. Betina Antony, Assistant Professor, SSN Engineering College, Chennai.
  4. Dr. CN Subalalitha, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRMIST, Kattankulathur Campus.
  5. Dr. KA. Vidhya, Teaching Fellow, Anna University, Chennai.
  6. Dr. G. Manju, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRMIST, Kattankulathur Campus.
10/11/2021 to 16/11/2021WEBCENTRIC - Full Stack Workshop
  1. Mr. Ciddarth Raaj, Founder and CEO of Luxgenic.
  2. Mr. Binoy John, Final Year Student DCSE.
28/10/2021 to 30/10/2021Skill Building Workshop - PHP Bootcamp for Beginners
  1. Dr. C.A.S. Deiva Preetha, DCSE.
  1. Kevin, a final year CSE student from SRM and CEO of Millennial Labs.
22/09/2021 to 24/09/2021Trending Technologies
  1. Mr Bharath, DevOps Engineer - DXC. technology.
  2. Mr Sai Kumar, SAP BI.
  3. Mr Ganesh Kumar, Automation Engineer - Amazon Development Centre.
  4. Mr Maxwell Jerry, Senior UI Developer at Freshworks.
  5. Mr Sampath Kumar, Software Engineer at GE Healthcare.
  6. Mr Dushyanth Kumar, Software Engineering Lead Analyst at Ribbon Communications.
15/09/2021Webinar on How Students can Reach Job Opportunities in Various Industries
  1. Ms. Indhumathi Sanjeevi - TCSiON - Program Manager.
13/09/2021 to 15/09/2021Fundamentals of Deep Learning And its Applications
  1. Mr. Abhishek Gangwar, Joint Director, C-DAC Mumbai
07/09/2021Cyber Security Workshop on Attacking & Defending Web Application Attacks
  1. Mr. Jaizal Ali - Founder & Director of Red Team Hackers Academy and Mr. Sachin Jose - Security Researcher
03/09/2021Power Seminar on Resume Writing
  1. Ms. Archana Jayaraj, University Partnerships, Talent Acquisition and Engagement, Wiley India
24/09/2021Guest Lecture on Fake News Detection - A Data Mining Perspective
  1. Dr. Dinesh K. Vishwakarma, Professor - Dept. Information Technology, Delhi Technological University
23/08/2021 to 26/08/2021FDP on Artificial Intelligence and High-Performance Computing
  1. Mr. Prateek Vashishth
  2. Mr. Mohammed Ameer from Intel - FICE Academy
19/08/2021 to 21/08/2021Workshop on Cyber Security
  1. Dr. Jesudoss, Sathyabama University
  2. Mr. Sundar.R - NGP Institute of Technology
  3. Mr.Pradeep Chander- Cyber Security Professional, Infysec Solutions Pvt Ltd
  4. Dr P Mohamed Fathimal
17/08/2021Applications Of Cloud Computing
  1. Dr. Vidyasagar B.S - Amrita School of Engineering
  2. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Chennai
  3. AWS Cloud Ambassador.
11/08/2021 to 13/08/2021Internet of Things and Embedded Systems
  1. Dr. A. Manikandan-Amrita Vishwapeetham Chennai campus.
  2. Dr. M. Jothish Kumar-Arunai Engineering College.
  3. Dr. R.A. Rathy - NITTTR Chennai.
02/08/2021 to 03/08/2021Pointers and Graphics in C
  1. Ms. Vineeta Mishra - AMC Engineering College Bangalore.
30/07/2021Hands-On Workshop on NVIDIA Fundamentals of Deep Learning
  1. Dr. Meenakshi S Arya
26/07/2021 to 28/07/2021Deeper Insights into Machine Learning Algorithms
  1. Mr. Bileesh P Babu - Cofounder Auxileo Labs.
  2. Dr. Venkatesan - Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences Coimbatore.
25/07/2021 to 31/07/2021Design UR Interface Contest
  1. Mr. Silas Joe Peter - UI/UX and Motion Graphic Designer in Madcap India.
22/07/2021Harmony OS - Applib Connect
  1. Ms. Kamalshree Google Dev Expert, Mentor @Mentor Cruise.