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The department of commerce offers the programme of B.Com. Which is designed to help students to build their professional competencies with specialized knowledge in the field of commerce. The curricula is designed by duly considering the desired level of knowledge and skills required to meet the ever-changing global business environment, which includes not only the academic knowledge but also covers up wide prospectives of career-oriented programmes such as internship, projects, viva-voice seminars, workshops and conferences. In addition to the academic progression, the students are also trained on professional and entrepreneurial skills, which in turn support the role of improving talent pool employed currently in various sectors.
Our B.Com. Graduates get placed in various sectors as management trainees, it professionals, hr consultants, and executives. Our programmes are designed in such a manner which help the students enrich their outlook in the different sectors of business and corporate world.
The state of the art classroom provides congenial atmosphere at the campus which supports the students in pursuing their academics with ease. The modern pedagogical approaches rendered here not only enrich the students academically but also help them develop their soft skills, strong personalities and independent decision making skills which ultimately reflect upon  the all-round development of their personality. Besides, the department has  an access to established computer laboratories and digitalized library which help them update their knowledge on par with the current trends and strategies updated in the industry. In order to cater to the needs of job industry, the department organizes seminars, workshops and conferences for the students to update  and exchange new concepts and ideas with the expertise personnel  available in the industry.