Mr. Ramesh

Assistant Professor


  • MCA., Annamalai University
  • M.Sc., Yoga, Annamalai University, 2017
  • B.Sc., Yoga, Annamalai University

Other Details

Academic Experience

  • Worked as Yoga Trainer with Rathinam Groups from 2016 to 2018

Other Professional Experience

  • Worked as Test Lead with GNTS Coimbatore between Jan ’15 to Sep ‘15
  • Worked as Project Lead with Mphasis, Chennai between Feb ’11 to Sep ‘14
  • Worked as Project Delivery with Yalamanchili Chennai between Jun ’01 to Feb ‘11

Workshops / Seminars / Conferences (2020 - 2021)

  • Acted as a Resource person with CPS on account of International Yoga Day on 21st June ’21.
  • Have attended Raja Yoga Meditation organized by Bramma Kumaris between 25th Nov ’20 to 1st Dec ‘20
  • Have attended a Webinar on Rules for Yogasana Competition (Implementation of Bio-Mechanics in Yogasana Competition) on 22nd Feb ‘21
  • Have attended a Webinar on Yoga for Combating Climacteric Symptoms Organized by Yellow Pond on 8th Mar ‘21
  • Have attended a Webinar on Yogic Management for Diabetes organized by TNPQRTWA on 21st mar ‘21
  • Have attended a Webinar series on Salt Sodium Consumption: Myths & Facts organized by MGR University on 23rd March ’21
  • Have attended a Webinar on NATIONALWEBINAR ON YOGA FOR AWARENESS ON COVID -19 PANDEMIC organized by Saveetha University on 17th May ‘21
  • Have attended a Webinar on Challenges in times of calamities and how our ancestors faced it? Organized by TNPQRYTWA on 9th May ‘21
  • Have attended a Workshop on Breathing and Meditate organized by Art of Living between 12th June ’21 to 21st June ’21

Workshops / Seminars / Conferences (2019 - 2020)

  • Acted as a Resource person on Ashtanga Yoga and Mental Health organized by The American College, Madurai on account of International Yoga Day on 10th June ’20
  • Acted as a Resource person on Breathing Session organized by Let’s Talk on account of International Yoga Day on 20th June ’20
  • Acted as a Resource person on Enhancing Immunity through Yoga organized by J.J College of Arts and Science on account of International Yoga Day on 21st June ’20
  • Have attended a workshop on Modern Approach In Yoga organized by TNPESU on 26th Sep ’19
  • Have attended a workshop on Shakshi Bhava Vritti organized by My Holism on 20th Oct ’19
  • Have attended a workshop on Cyclic Meditation organized by Vetri Yoga on 1st Nov Oct ’19
  • Have attended a workshop on Personality Development Course (PDC) organized by SKY between on 1st Dec ’19 to 8th Dec ‘19
  • Have attended a FDP on Research in Social Science organized by SRMIST on 25th June ’20
  • Have attended a FDP on Outcome based Education System & Bloom’s Taxonomy for Teaching-Leaning organized by SRMIST on 23rd May ‘20
  • Have attended a FDP on Skillset for Effective Classroom Teaching organized by SRMIST on 23rd May ‘20
  • Have attended an FDP on Skillset for Teachers as Leaders organized by SRMIST on 2nd June ‘20
  • Have attended an FDP on International Week of Yoga 2020 organized by Dr MGR University between 15th June and 21st June ‘20
  • Have attended an FDP on 6th International Yoga Day organized by Annamalai University between 23rd June ’20 and 30th June ’20
  • Have attended an FDP on Yogic Approach To Psychosomatic Disorders organized by TNPQYTWA on 30th Aug ’20
  • Have attended an FDP on Yogic Diet organized by TNPQYTWA and 13th Sep ’20
  • Have attended an FDP on Principles of Yoga organized by TNPQYTWA at 24th Sep ‘20
  •  Have attended an FDP on Shatkarma & Purificatory Process in Hatha Yoga organized by  TNPQYTWA at  27th Sep ‘20

Achievements and Awards (2020 - 2021)

  • Have won 3rd prize in International Yoga Day Tamil Elocution Competition organized by Aravind Yoga and Nature Cure Research Academy Avadi with MAHER on 16th June ‘21
  • Have won 1st prize in Senior Category in State Level Yoga organized by Alpha Yoga Institute Coimbatore on 28th March ‘21

Achievements and Awards (2019 - 2020)

  • Have won 2nd Prize in 9th South Asia Yogasana Championship 2019 organized by Padmam Yoga and Natural Living Development Trust and Co-organised by Tamilnadu Sport Yogasana Association on 28th July ’19.
  • Have won 2nd Prize in State Level Yogasana Competition organized by MVM school on 2nd Nov ’19.


  • TNPQRYTWA (Tamandu Professionally Qualified Registered Yoga Teachers’ Welfare Association)