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Tamizh is one of the most ancient languages of the world which has evolved in consonance with Mother Nature. Having been given the status of a classical language, Tamizh literature has been a guiding force to its people for several centuries. Tamizh has stood the test of time competing with the challenging environment posed by the growing scientific advancements by producing prolific literature ever since its birth. Department of Tamizh at SRMIST Vadapalani campus aims at enriching this great language through various departmental activities

Hindi, being the National language, helps to connect people throughout the country. It also promotes the feeling of oneness and unity. In the present scenario, the students who learn Hindi have better job opportunities in Central Government and Private Sectors. Thus, the value of Hindi as a national language is increasing. Recognizing this importance, SRM IST provides opportunity to the students to learn Hindi as a second language.

French is widely spoken all over the world. It is the official language in countries like Switzerland, Maldives, Quebec and a few others. Apart from learning native languages, knowledge of foreign languages can improve the employability of the graduates in addition to their understanding of different cultures. With this skill set, there is a wide scope for job opportunities to students in India as well as abroad. Thus, SRM IST aims to provide a platform to its students to learn one such foreign language by offering French as a second language in their curriculum.


To emerge as an excellent department in visual based education and production oriented training. To give special training and focus to build the skills of each and every student. To impart subject knowledge and practical skills.


To incorporate good character and knowledge among the young journalists. To develop journalistic responsibility in society. To enhance the skills through practical knowledge and media exposure. To nurture the young talents and their creativity.

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